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What Are the Differences Between Disc Brake and Drum Brake?

What Is Disc Brake?

What Is Drum Brake?

Difference Between Disc Brake And Drum Brake

Disc vs drum brakes can be summed under the following points:


Disc Brake

Drum Brake

Brake unit

A disc-shaped rotor is put to use

A cylindrical drum is put to use

Heat dissipation

Effective dissipation of heat takes place

Slower dissipation of heat takes place

Stopping time

They can stop the vehicle instantly

They take time to stop the vehicle

Ease of inspection

Inspection is easy

Inspection is difficult


Present in two-wheelers like scooters and motor

Present in old motorcycles and heavy vehicles

Mode of operation

Mechanically operated but can be aided by ABS systems

Completely mechanically operated


Maintenance is costlier

Maintenance is cheaper


Comparatively modern brakes system

Traditional brake system


Do not have a self-locking system

Have self-locking system


Performance is better than drum brakes

Performance is average

Ease of changing friction pads

Changing friction pad is comparatively easier

Changing friction pad is difficult


Simple design

Complex design

Water retention

Water is efficiently expelled from the rotor

Water gets collected in the drum

Torque transmitting capacity

High torque transmitting capacity

Low torque transmitting capacity


These brakes are somewhat expensive

They are comparatively cheaper

Mode of working

Uses calipers to hold brake pads in position

Uses hydraulic cylinders to press friction pads


Better ventilation

Lower ventilation

Performance at high temperature

Optimal performance at temperature

Lower performance at a higher temperature


Their weight is comparatively lower

They are comparatively heavier

Friction wearing

Wear of frictional force is uniform

Wear of frictional force is usually not uniform


Have greater protection against fading

Have lower protection against fading

Now you must have a clear idea about disc brake vs drum brake. Disc brakes have significant advantages over drum brakes. However, due to lower maintenance costs and longer functioning, drum brakes are still a popular choice.It is a must to service or repair the brakes of your vehicle at regular intervals to avoid any sort of accidents.


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