Diplomatic Passport in India

Who Can Get a Diplomatic Passport?

How to Get a Diplomatic Passport?

Documents Required for Diplomatic Passport:

What Is the Difference Between Ordinary and Diplomatic Passports?


Here’s what you need to know about the difference between the two -


Normal Passport

Tatkal Passport


This passport is issued to general citizens, including VIP individuals. The passport booklet comes with 30-60 pages.

It is issued to high-rank officials. The booklet has only 28 pages.


Adults – 10 years Minors – 5 years

Issued for 5 years or less than that.


This passport is used for personal or business travels. There is no government involvement in it.

Officials use this passport to travel abroad for the official duty of the Government of India.

Thus, this is all about what a diplomatic passport is and its associated details. A diplomatic passport holder comes with a host of benefits. One such is that this passport holder does not pay taxes on income from countries outside the host country. To enjoy such benefits, apply for a diplomatic passport. Check the eligibility and application procedure before you apply for the same.

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