What is a Passport Seva Kendra?

Roles and Responsibilities of PSK for Passport

What Is the Application Process at a Passport Seva Kendra?

Steps to Check Availability of Online Appointment for PSK

Procedures to Follow During Appointment Day at PSK Office


Follow the procedures mentioned below during your appointment day at the Passport Seva Kendra:

1. After you enter the main office, provide the appointment receipt and original documents to the passport official. He/she will issue a token.

2. Now you have to walk-in in three counters - Counter A, B and C.

Type of Counters

Role of the Counter

Average Time Taken at the Counter


You have to go through the biometric data test at this counter. Additionally, it also includes verification and uploading of your documents.

10 to 15 minutes.


On this counter, a passport officer verifies your original documents and put a stamp on the documents and your passport

20 to 30 minutes


A senior officer verifies your document. He/she asks a few questions and lets you know whether your passport application is successful. He/she also confirms whether any police verification is needed during or after this.

15 minutes

Exit Counter

Submit your token at the exit counter. A PSK personnel will issue a passport application receipt. This includes your passport file number, which you can use to track your application status online.


Steps to Track the Application Status of Passport Seva Kendra

How Many Passport Seva Kendra Are Operational in India?


There are approximately 81 Passport Seva Kendra in India. Take a look at the availability of other passport offices in India:

Passport Offices

Availability in India

Post Office Passport Seva Kendra


Regional Passport Offices


Passport Seva Laghu Kendra


You can locate your nearest Passport Seva Kendra online through the Passport Seva portal.

The Passport Seva Kendra available in every Indian city aims to meet the rising demands for passports in that particular area.  Knowing what Passport Seva Kendra is and applying for a passport through it is necessary for a smooth application process. Further, the online platform has made it convenient to avail contactless passport-related services in this current global health crisis.

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