What is ECNR in Passport?

What is ECNR in Passport?

What Is the Eligibility for ECNR in Passport?

When to Apply for ECNR in Passport?

How to Apply for ECNR in Passport?

What Are the Documents Required for ECNR Passport?


Different documents are required for different types of applicants to apply for ECNR. 

Here is the complete list of ECNR passport documents for your reference.

Passport Holder Type


Official or Diplomatic passport holders

Only diplomatic passport is required

Those with matriculation or any higher qualifications

Pass certificates

Those more than 50 years of age

Birth certificate, School Leaving Certificate, Date of birth and place according to the specimen provided in Annexure A

All children till 18 years old, For re-issue of passport once they turn 18 years old

School Leaving Certificate

Seamen with CDC or Continuous Discharge Certificate, and Sea Cadets

Continuous Discharge Certificate

Those with a permanent immigration visa

Permanent Resident Card or photocopy of the immigration visa

Here is another list of documentation for passport holders of specific categories and their family members –

Government Employees



Dependent Children

Identity certificate as mentioned in Annexure A, NOC as per Annexure M, PI letter as per Annexure N.

Identity as mentioned in Annexure B, Joint affidavit as per Annexure D, Marriage certificate photocopy attested

Identity certificate according to Annexure B, Birth certificate Certificate of leaving school, Copy of the passport of the government employee

Income Tax Payers



Dependent Children

Assessment proof for actual income tax payment and income tax in the previous year, IT return statement (in case of the past one year. It must be stamped by IT authorities) and PAN card photocopy

Marriage certificate photocopy (attested)

Birth certificate, School leaving certificate

Professional Degree Holders



Dependent Children

Certificate of professional degree

Photocopy of marriage certificate (attested), Joint affidavit according to Annexure D

Birth certificate, Certificate of school leaving

Those Who Were Overseas for Three Years or Longer



Passport photocopy, including the page with ECR/ECNR

Marriage certificate photocopy (attested), Joint affidavit as mentioned in Annexure D

Time Taken to Process the ECNR Application

Documents Required to Check ECNR Status in Passport

What is the Procedure to Remove ECR Stamp from Passport?

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