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How to Calculate Property Circle Rates in Agra & Category Wise Rates List

Why Does the Government Use Property Circle Rates in Agra?

What Are the Category-Wise Circle Rates in Agra?


Below is a table that lists the circle rate of Agra. [1]


Circle Rate Per Sq. Metre

Vayu Vihar 100 Road, From Bodla Bichpuri Road Chauraha to Agra Fatehpur sikri Road

₹ 15,000

From Rui Ki Mandi Railway Gate to Ajit Nagar gate, and from Kheria Mod Tiraha to Arjun Nagar Tiraha

₹ 33,000

From Doretha 100 Feet to Bodla Chauraha Agra

₹ 24,000

From Ram Nagar Tiraha to Awadhpuri Chauraha

₹ 26,000

From Hanuman Nagar Chauraha to Awadhpuri Tiraha

₹ 28,000

From Bhogipur Tiraha to Sirki Mandi Chauraha

₹ 35,000

From Kothi Meena Bazar New Shahganj to Hanuman Nagar Chauraha

₹ 39,000

From Lohamandi Chauraha to Bodla Chauraha

₹ 35,000

From Lohamandi Chauraha to Shahganj Chauraha

₹ 38,000

From Madiya Katra Chauraha to Lohamandi Chauraha

₹ 38,000

From Mental Hospital Road to Mariyam Tomb

₹ 33,000

From Madiya Katra to Mental Hospital

₹ 38,000

From Bodla Chauraha to Sikandra Akbar Chowk

₹ 42,000

From Bhogipura Chauraha to Bodla

₹ 38,000

From Shah Nagar Chauraha to Prithvinath Phatak

₹ 30,000

From Prithvi Nath Phatak to Vayu Vihar

₹ 22,000

From Bhojipura to Prithvi Nath Phatak

₹ 30,000

From Rui Mandi Chauraha to Bhogipura

₹ 45,000

From Rui Mandi Chauraha to Railway Gate

₹ 45,000

From Collectorate to Rui Mandi Chauraha

₹ 35,000

From Kamla Nagar B Block Main Road Anjuman Bar to Pani Tanki Road

₹ 72,000

From Kamla Nagar B Block Main Road Central Bank to Pani Tanki Road

₹ 75,000

From Kamla Nagar Main Road Shree Ram Vatika To F Block Krishna Tower

₹ 77,000

From Hanuman Mandir Khandari Road to Home Science Institute

₹ 82,000

From Church Road MG Road to Ram Raghu Hospital to Uddeshwar House via Hanuman Mandir Khandari Chauraha

₹ 83,000

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