Property Circle Rates in Varanasi

What Are the Circle Rates in Varanasi?

Table Explaining Circle Rates in Varanasi

Major Areas

Circle Rate

Raisaheb Bagh to Azamgarh road from Pandeypur intersection

₹ 32,000

From BHU Gate to Sunderpur and Bhikharipur

₹ 45,000

Bulanala to Karnghanta, Kashipura, Gola Dinanath to Hirapur

₹ 44,000

Gurubagh to Laksa Police Station from Rath Yatra Crossroads

₹ 55,000

From Rath Yatra Crossroads to Mahmoorganj Police Outpost

₹ 55,000

Maidagin Crossroads to Benia Bagh Tiraha

₹ 55,000

Ram Mandir Square near Macharhatta Temple on Bhojubirn Sindhora Marg

₹ 45,000

From Maidagin Crossroads to Godowlia Crossroads to Sonarpur

₹ 46,000

From Kamchha to Bhelupur police station by Rath Yatra

₹ 55,000

Golgadda from Maidagin crossroads via Visheshwarganj

₹ 35,000

However, property owners must know that circle rates are indicative prices, not the actual rate of the property. Additionally, they must remember that no property transaction can occur below the circle rate of the corresponding locality. Therefore, property buyers of Varanasi must check the gap between circle rate and market rate (price at which a property is actually sold, i.e. final price of a property), especially if they are purchasing it on loan.
As circle rate of major areas in Varanasi is known to individuals, let’s find out the ideal method of calculating circle rates. 

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