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How to Calculate Property Circle Rates in Delhi & Category Wise Rates List

What are the Property Circle Rates in Delhi?

Category-wise Circle Rates for Flats in Delhi

Go through this table to know the applicable circle rates for flats available across the city:


Private Builder Flats DDA Society Flats Multiplying Factors for Private Colonies
Multi-storey flats ₹1.1 lakh ₹ 87,840 1.25
More than 100 square metres ₹ 95,250 ₹ 76,200 1.25
50 to 100 square metres ₹ 79,488 ₹ 66,240 1.2
30 to 50 square metres ₹ 62,652 ₹ 54,480 1.15
Up to 30 square metres ₹ 55,440 ₹ 50,400 1.1

Category-wise Circle Rates for Commercial and Residential Plots in New Delhi

Go through this table to know the applicable circle rates for commercial and residential plots available across the city:

Land cost (per sq. metre)

Construction Cost: Commercial (per sq. metre)

Construction Cost: Residential (per sq. metre)

₹7.74 lakhs



₹2.46 lakhs



₹1.6 lakhs



₹1.28 lakhs



Category-wise Circle Rates for Agricultural Land in New Delhi

Take a look at the table mentioned below showcasing the circle rates for agricultural land in Delhi:


Urbanised villages (in ₹ crore per acre) Rural villages (in ₹ crore per acre) Green belt villages (in ₹ crore per acre)
New Delhi 5 5 5
North 3 3 3
South 5 5 5
East 2.3 2.3 NA
West 3 3 3
Central 2.5 2.5 NA
North-west 3 3 3
South-west 4 3 3
South-east 4 2.5 NA
North-east 2.3 2.3 NA
Shahdara 2.3 2.3 2

Category-wise Circle Rates Based on Property-Age in New Delhi

You can calculate circle rates based on the age factor of a property. After application of the age multiplier, the circle rates are as follows:

Age of the Property

Circle Rate in Delhi

Before 1960












How to Calculate Circle Rates in Delhi For Different Property Types?


Consider the property type and then proceed to calculation. Read the instruction mentioned in the table below to compute circle rates in Delhi -

Property Type

Calculation Procedure

DDA, society and private builder flats

Multiply the construction cost with the area in square metres. Then, multiply the result with the appropriate age factor.

Individual plot

Multiply the plot in square metres with the applicable circle rates in Delhi.

Multi-storey flats

Multiply the flat area with applicable circle rates for multi-storeyed flats

House construction on plots

Multiply the land plot with applicable circle rates of the respective locality. Or multiply the construction cost with the area of a house. Then, multiply the result with the relevant age factor.

How to Calculate Property Value Using Circle Rates in Delhi?

How to Use a Circle Rate Calculator in Delhi?

Top 5 Factors Affecting Circle Rates in Delhi

What Is the Impact of Circle Rates on Taxation in Delhi?


According to Section 56 (2) (x) of the IT Act, both buyer and seller are liable to pay additional capital gains tax if the agreement value is higher than circle rates.

Recently, the government determined that individuals do not have to bear the brunt of this additional tax liability. It increased the gap between circle rate and agreement value. Initially, it was 10% and currently, it doubled to 20% for new houses (residential) worth up to ₹2 crores.

This means that real estate developers can now sell a property at 20% lower than the applicable circle rate without incurring additional tax expenses. A real estate developer can transfer this benefit to new home buyers by offering them discounts. This reduces the cost of purchasing a home.

To understand it, let’s take an example -


10% Differential Cap between Circle and Market Value

20% Differential Cap between Circle and Market Value

Circle Rate/Ready Reckoner Rate



Agreement value






As per the example mentioned above, homebuyers can maximise their total savings with this new development.

Experts suggest extending the circle rates in Delhi to benefit both the estate developers and homebuyers. According to the latest development, the Delhi government is also planning to do the same. If it does, this will provide significant financial relief amid the current economic slowdown.

Reduced circle rates are also expected to boost the state government revenue. Hence, it is viable for real estate developers, homebuyers and the government as well.

FAQs About Property Circle Rates in New Delhi