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A Quick Guide to Bhulekh Mahabhumi Land Records of Maharashtra

What Are the Uses or Benefits of Accessing Land Records of Maharashtra Using Bhulekh Mahabhumi?

Who Can Apply for Records of Rights (7/12 Extract) in Maharashtra?

How to Apply for Records of Rights (7/12 Extract) Online in Maharashtra?

What Documents Are Required to Apply for Maharashtra Record of Rights (7/12 Extract)?

How to Check Your 7/12 Extract Application Status Online in Maharashtra?

What Is the Fee to Apply for the Record of Rights (7/12 Extract) in Maharashtra?

What Are the Services Offered by Bhulekh Mahabhumi Portal of Maharashtra?

What Is 7/12 Extract or Satabara Utara?

How to Check 7/12 Utara or Satbara Utara Online in Maharashtra on Bhulekh Mahabhumi?

How to Get a 7/12 Utara Document on Mahabhulekh in Maharashtra?

What Are the Components of VII and XII Extract Form?

Here below, we have listed down the components of Village Form VII and Village Form XII for a better understanding of the 7/12 extract:

Component of VII Extract Form

Information That It Contains

Tehsil or Taluka

It shows the name of the district in which your land is located.

Gaav or Village Name

This provides the name of the village on your land.

Bhuman Kramank or Survey Number/ Gut Number

It indicates the survey number of your land.

Bhudharrana Paddhiti or Type of Occupancy

This column shows if it is a Type-1 or Type-2 Occupancy.

Bhumapan Kramankacha Upbhivaag or Sub Division of Survey Number

It shows the subdivision of your land’s survey number.

Khate Kramank or Account Number

It contains your account number (the landowner) issued by the Land Revenue Department.

Mutation Entry

A mutation entry is a circled entry that informs you about the transfer of rights or ownership through mutation.

Shetache Sthanik Naav or Local Name of the Field

It is the local name given to the field based on its location, shape and other details.

Kudanche Naav or Name of Tenant

It contains the details of the land tenant.

Aakarni or Assessment

This column states the assessment tax of your land.

Potkharaba or Uncultivated Land Area

The land area that this column mentions is not fit for cultivation and comprises rocky terrain or used for public events.

Lagvadi Yoga Shetra or Cultivable Land Area

It states the area of land available for cultivation.

Itar Adhikar or Other Rights

Itar Adhikar contains information regarding the statutory and general obligations related to land, liabilities, third-party rights, restriction on land transfer, etc.

Judi Kivva Vishesh Aakarni or Judi Tax or Special Assessment

It contains details of the revenue paid by the one who received this land from the government.

Component of XII Extract Form

Information That It Contains

Pikache Naav or Name of the Crop

It provides the name of the crop which grows on the land.

Hangaam or Season

This column informs about the season when the crop is grown, i.e., Kharif or Rabi.

Varsh or Year

It mentions the year in which the crop grew.

Pika Khali Shetra or Area under the Crop

Pika Khali Shetra shows the subdivided area under which the crop grows.

Jal Sinchan or Irrigated Water

Under this head, you can find whether the land is rainfed or irrigated by water.

Ajal Sinchan or Anhydrous Irrigated

It indicates if the land is irrigated by any substance which is not water.

Pandit Va Pikas Nirupyogi Asa Jaminicha Tapsil or Information of Unusable Land

It gives you details of wasteland and unusable areas of land.

Paani Puravtyanche Saadhan or Means of Water Supply

Here you will get an idea of the location from where the land gets its water supply.

Shera or Observation

Shera means an observation/ comment/ remark.

Jamin Kastarnache Naav or Name of the Cultivator

This column contains information about who is the cultivator.

What Is 8A Extract?

How to Access 8A Extract Online Through Bhulekh Mahabhumi in Maharashtra?

How to Get Digitally Signed Documents & Property Cards Online in Maharashtra Using Bhulekh Mahabhumi?

How to Verify Digitally Signed 7/12 Utara, 8A Extract and Property Card in Maharashtra?

What Can You Find on Malmatta Patrak or Property Card of Maharashtra?

How Can You Contact Mahabhulekh in Maharashtra?

Frequently Asked Questions