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Encumbrance Certificate in Karnataka – Uses, Application Process and Fees Applicable

What is Encumbrance Certificate?

Usage of Karnataka Encumbrance Certificate

What Information Is Available in a Karnataka Encumbrance Certificate?

How to Get an EC Certificate in Karnataka?

Karnataka Encumbrance Certificate Online Procedure

Karnataka Encumbrance Certificate Offline Procedure

What Are the Encumbrance Certificate Fees in Karnataka?


Obtaining an Encumbrance Certificate in Karnataka involves the following charges -

Fees for Obtaining Encumbrance Certificate in Karnataka

Application Fees


To Get Certificate for the Period Comprising the First Year


To Get Certificate for the Period Comprising the First Year Every Subsequent Year


After a successful application of the Encumbrance Certificate in Karnataka, individuals can track the status at the Kaveri Online Services portal. The following section elaborates on the process of tracking status of an Encumbrance Certificate in Karnataka.

How to Track the Status of Encumbrance Certificate in Karnataka?

FAQs About Encumbrance Certificate in Karnataka