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CRIF Highmark Score: Range, Importance & How to Improve?

What is a CRIF Credit Score?

What are Good and Bad CRIF Credit Scores?

As mentioned above, CRIF credit score ranges between 300–900. 300 is the lowest possible score, and indicates that someone might be a risky borrower, while 900 is the highest possible score and shows that someone has a history of responsible borrowing. Generally, a score above 700 is considered good.

CRIF score




No Score

You do not have a credit history.



You might be at a high risk of defaulting on credit payments, due to a poor credit history and record of missed repayment, Lenders might not approve loans or credit



You might have a lower score due to some delayed and defaulted payments in the past, You might still be considered a risk for lenders, and thus some of them may not approve your loans.



You have displayed good repayment behaviour in the pas, Scores above 700 are considered good, as you are considered to have a low risk of defaulting.



You have never defaulted on payments and have displayed excellent credit repayment behaviour in the past, You are considered dependable, and thus lenders will be willing to offer you loans and credit cards

What are the Benefits of a Good CRIF Highmark Credit Score?

How is CRIF Credit Score Calculated?

A person’s CRIF Highmark score is calculated using a few main factors, each of which has a different weightage on your credit score. These factors are:


What affects these factors

Payment history

This refers to the timely payments of credit card bills, loans, and EMIs. Delayed or defaulted payments will lower your credit score.

Length of credit history

The age of your credit history refers to how long you have had a credit account. Older accounts and credit cards can assure lenders that you have been paying your bills on time.

Credit utilization

This refers to the amount of your credit limit that you use. Ideally, you should spend no more than 30% of your credit limit, if it is higher than this, it will bring your score down.

Credit mix

There are two main types of credit: unsecured loans (like credit cards and personal loans) and secured loans (such as auto loans or home loans). It is recommended to have a mix of both.

New credit enquiries

The number of times you have applied for credit, such as credit cards, loans, etc. A higher number of enquiries can bring your score down.

How to Check your CRIF Credit Score online?

How can you Improve your CRIF Credit Score?

What is CRIF Credit Score for Businesses?

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