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What are the Various Ranges of Credit Scores?

What are the Credit Score Ranges?

Different credit bureaus might use different scoring models. But, in general, it is accepted that a credit score above 700-750 is generally considered good, while one below 650 is considered to be either fair or bad.

The common credit score ranges are as follows:

Credit Score




“Not Applicable” or “No History”

You have not used a credit card, and/or never taken a loan. Thus, you do not have a credit history.



You might have numerous missed payments or defaults on credit card bills or EMIs, or poor credit utilisation, or a high number of credit enquiries, You will be considered a high risk by lenders of defaulting on your loans, Lenders might not approve your loans or credit applications.



You may have some irregular or late payment of credit card bills/EMIs or multiple credit inquiries, You might be considered a risk for lenders, Many lenders may not approve your loans; those who do will likely have higher interest rates and down payments



You have a history of good repayment behaviour in the past, You will be considered a lower risk of defaulting, Most lenders may approve your credit, but you might not get the best rates


Very Good

You have regular credit payments, a long credit history, responsible repayment behaviour, You will be considered a low risk for lenders, Lenders will likely be approved for credit, and get good deals on loans.



You have displayed excellent financial management, regular credit payments, low credit utilisation, and exemplary credit history, You will be considered a very low risk for lenders, Banks and lending institutions will give you the best rates and favourable terms on loans and credit cards.

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