How To Get Income Tax Refund (TDS Refund)

Who is eligible for an income tax refund?

When can you claim an income tax refund?

How to claim an income tax refund?

How is the payment of income tax refund made?

What is the due date to claim an income tax refund?

The income tax calendar follows a different process where each date is important. Therefore, taxpayers must be careful about the due dates of filing income tax returns. Since the due dates vary with the category of taxpayers, the following table will help individuals to identify the due date of ITR.

Category of Taxpayer

The Due Date for Filing ITR (For FY 2020-21)


31st July 2021

Businesses (Demanding audit)

31ST October 2021

Businesses (Demanding TP report)

30th November 2021

As per the Income Tax Act, an individual is required to claim his/her return in that respective fiscal year by 31st July. The date remains the same unless the deadline is extended.

How do I check income tax refund status?

What are the different types of status of income tax refunds?

Here is a list of different statuses that taxpayers might get to see.

Brand Name


Different Types of Status


Not determined

This indicates the refund has not been processed yet. Therefore, you need to check your current income tax status.

Refund failed

Indicates that the refund could not be transferred to the taxpayer’s account due to incorrect bank details.

Refund paid

Indicates that the respective taxpayer is eligible for refund and the amount has been transferred to the given bank account number or through cheque.

Refund returned

This indicates that the income tax refund has been returned. Hence, an individual has to request the IT Department to re-initiate the process as the refund will be cancelled.

The cheque has been cashed

Indicates that the cheque issued addressing an individual’s name has been received and cashed.

Refund expired

Indicates that the cheque issued against an individual's name has not been cashed within 30 days from the date of issue (mentioned on the top right corner). In such cases, individuals have to avail another cheque issued against their name.

Refund adjusted against last year’s outstanding demand

This indicates that the outstanding income tax amount from the previous Assessment Year will be adjusted to the new expected income tax refund from the ongoing Assessment Year. However, the authority informs the taxpayer before adjusting the same.

How much time does it take for an ITR refund?

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