What is the Penalty for Not Filing ITR?

What are the section-wise penalties for not filing ITR?

Refer to the following table to know about the different types of charges you might face depending on the conditions of late ITR filing.


Nature of Offence

Penalty Levied

Section 234F

Filing ITR past the given due date

Rs.5000 if ITR is reported before 31st December of the Assessment Year, Rs.10,000 if ITR is reported after 31st December but before 31st March of the Assessment Year

Section 234A

A person fails to file ITR within the due date and has an outstanding unpaid tax

Interest on the outstanding tax amount at 1% per month since the prescribed due date

Section 271H

Failure to file TDS and TCS returns within the given due date

Rs.10,000-Rs.1,00,000, besides the late filing penalty under Section 234E, which is Rs.200/day till the TDS/TCS is paid

Section 270A

A person with taxable income fails to file his ITR or is found to under-report his income in the returns

50% of the total tax payable on the income for which no return was furnished

Each ITR penalty mentioned in the above table is subject to several conditions. One of these is the type of taxpayer, depending on which several modifications can be considered.

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