Different Types of Income Tax Return Forms in India

Types of income tax returns forms

ITR forms for individuals, salaried individuals and HUFs

Indian residents and Hindu Undivided Families (HUF) can file ITR forms 1 and 2 for income tax returns. Individuals must be salaried with a house property, and other sources of income to choose these forms. An individual must file for an ITR if his income is more than the limit mentioned in the given table.



Individuals < 60 years

Rs.2 lakhs

Individuals > 60 years but < 80 years

Rs.3 lakhs

Individuals > 80 years

Rs.5 lakhs

ITR forms for companies, trusts, partnership firms

ITR-1 Form

ITR-2 Form

ITR-3 Form

ITR-4S Form

ITR-5 Form

ITR-6 Form

ITR-7 Form

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