How to File TDS Return: Step by Step Process

How to file an online TDS return?

Eligibility criteria for TDS returns

Forms required to file a TDS return

Based on the purpose of tax deduction, various forms are available to file TDS returns. In addition to this, as mentioned above, it is mandatory to present the returns along with the signed verification in form 27A. If a deductor wonders how to file a TDS return, the table given below will be useful.




For the transfer of an immovable property


Other cases


Foreign companies, where deductee is a non-resident



Advantages of filing TDS returns

Due dates of filing a TDS return

Apart from knowing how to file a return for TDS, an individual must be thorough with its due date. Here is a table showing the due dates for the fiscal year 2020-2021.



Last Date of Filing TDS


1st April-30th June

31st March 2021


1st July-30th September

31st March 2021


1st October-31st December

31st January 2021


1st January-31st March

31st May 2021

In addition to this, there are different dates for the deposition of TDS by government offices and others. Given below is a table showing the due dates for TDS payment.

Credited Amount

Last Date of the TDS Deposit

Government office without challan

Same date

Government office with challan

7th of the immediate upcoming month

Deposit by a government employee

Same as the above point

Deposits by others in March

30th April

Deposits by others in other months

7th of next month

Generally, the last date to file a TDS return is 31st March of any financial year. However, due to the current circumstances, an extension of this date to 31st May has been announced as per the statements of CBDT (Central Board of Direct Taxes). (Source: 1).

Furthermore, one can validate TDS return files by updating details in the portal validation utility tool available for free on the NSDL website.

Therefore, by knowing how to file a TDS return, one can have a seamless tax payment procedure and additional benefits.

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