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How to Get Occupancy Certificate in Bangalore (BBMP)?

What Is the Definition of Occupancy Certificate (OC)?

What Are the Uses of Occupancy Certificates?

What Is the Eligibility Criteria for Occupancy Certificate in Bangalore?

What Are the Documents Required for Occupancy Certificate in Bangalore?

Steps to Apply for an Occupancy Certificate in Bangalore Online

Steps to Track the Application Status of the Occupancy Certificate in Bangalore

Difference Between Occupancy, Possession and Completion Certificate

To get a better grasp of what an occupancy certificate is, one can utilise this differentiation. This is to help many buyers who get confused among occupancy, possession and competition certificates. Let's look at the differences one at a time:
Parameter Occupancy Certificate Possession Certificate Completion Certificate
Purpose This certificate implies that a building is made abiding by the approved plan and building laws. A builder issues this certificate to a buyer of the property. A completion certificate denotes that the construction of a building is complete and it is made abiding by building laws and approved plans.
Significance A builder can sell a property and apply for electricity or water supply only after having an occupancy certificate. Possession certificate does not make the buyer a rightful owner of the property. -
Time of Issue An occupancy certificate is issued after a builder gets a completion certificate. A builder can issue this certificate after getting a completion certificate. -

FAQs About Applying for Occupancy Certificate in Bangalore