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What is e-Awas, Meaning, Eligibility Criteria & How to Register?

What Is e-Awas?

What Is Leasehold Property?

Types of Residences and Grade Pay Scales Under e-Awas

Listed below are the type of residences and grade pay that are allocated under e-Awas:

Residencial Type

Grade Pay


The grade pay ranges between ₹ 1,300 to ₹ 1,800 every month.


The grade pay ranges between ₹ 1,900 to ₹ 2,800 every month.


Grade pay ranges between ₹ 4,200 to ₹ 4,800 every month.


Grade pay ranges between ₹ 5,400 to ₹ 6,600 every month.

IV (Special residence type)

Grade pay of ₹ 6,600 and above every month.

V-A (D-II)

Grade pay ranges between ₹ 7,600 to ₹ 8,000 per month.

V-B (D-I)

Grade pay ranges between ₹ 8,700 to 8,900 per month.


Monthly grade pay is ₹ 10,000.

VI-B (C-I)

Monthly grade pay is ₹ 67,000 to ₹ 74,999.


Grade pay ranges between ₹ 75,000 to 79,999 per month.


Monthly grade pay of ₹ 80,000 and above.

What Is the Priority for Allotment of Housing Accommodation Under E-Awas?

The priority factor for allotment of housing accommodation is illustrated below in a tabular format:

Accommodation Type

Priority Factor

Lower accommodation type (type I to IV)

Joining date of the service or seniority

Higher accommodation type (type IV (special) to VI)

Factors include grade pay of the officer, basic pay, joining date of the service and date on which you get the current salary.

If the conditions mentioned above appear similar between two candidates, then an officer retiring earlier from his or her service will be highly preferred over the other. The higher officers and those that fall under type V cannot choose a lower accommodation type but not below type IV (special accommodation). The Ministry of Urban Development allocated houses under types VIII and VII.

Eligibility Criteria to Apply for General Pool Residential Accommodation

How to Register in e-Awas?

How to Apply for a Residence in e-Awas?

Benefits of e-Awas for Candidates With Existing Grade Pay

Frequently Asked Questions