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What is Franking, Charges & How is this Different from Stamping?

What Is Franking?

How Is Franking Different from Stamping?





Franking is a process of stamping legal property papers.

Stamping is an act of tax payment to the government to get approval for property documents while purchasing a home.

Fee amount

Banks may levy a maximum of 0.1% of the franking charge on the transaction value, which is adjusted against the stamp duty paid.

Stamp duty may range between 4% to 6% and is charged on a property's market value, ready reckoner rate, consideration value or circle rate, whichever is higher.

Authority to whom the charge is to be paid

You need to pay franking charges to banks or agencies authorised to stamp on legal documents using franking machines.

You need to visit the sub-registrar's office to pay the stamp duty or go to the state's portal to pay it online.

How to Calculate Franking Charges?

What Is the Procedure for Franking?

What Are the Alternative Options Other Than Franking?

Is Franking a Suitable Option to Pay Stamp Duty?

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