Stamp Duty & Property Registration Charges in Bangalore

What Are Stamp Duty Rates for Properties in Bangalore?

What Is the Stamp Duty in Bangalore for Men and Women?


Stamp Duty Rate

Registration Charges

Woman, man or joint owners (notwithstanding gender)

3% if property value is up to ₹ 45 lakh 2% if property value is less than ₹ 20 lakh

1% of total property value


What Is the Stamp Duty in Bangalore as Per Area Type?


Stamp Duty

Urban areas

5.6% (for properties more than ₹ 35 lakh)

Rural areas


How to Calculate Registration Charges and Stamp Duty for a Property in Bangalore?

Stamp duty is calculated based on property value and circle rates. Circle rate is the minimum value under which you cannot buy a property in India. Stamp duty is primarily levied on a higher circle rate or property value.

This means, if the circle rate is ₹ 55, 00,000 and property value is ₹ 60,00,000, stamp duty will be applicable on the greater value, i.e. ₹ 60, 00,000.

Let us now calculate stamp duty and registration charges in Bangalore for a flat -



Circle Rate

₹ 38,400 per sq. m

Flat Size

1, 500 sq. m

Total Value

₹ 5,76,00,000

Stamp Duty

5.6 % of ₹ 5,76,00,000= ₹ 32,25,600

The property registration charges in Bangalore can be calculated as well:



Property Cost

₹ 5,76,00,000

Registration Charges

1% of ₹ 5,76,00,000 = ₹ 5,76,000

How to Use a Stamp Duty Calculator?

How to Pay Stamp Duty and Registration Fees in Bangalore?

What Are the Points to Consider Before Paying the Stamp Duty in Bangalore?

What Are the Factors That Affect Stamp Duty Charges in Bangalore?

Factors affecting stamp duty charges in Bangalore are –


Effect on Stamp Duty Charges in Bangalore

Property’s Age

Older the property, lesser the stamp duty rates.

Property Owner’s Age

Senior citizens usually pay a lesser stamp duty charge.

Location of Property

Properties in urban localities have greater stamp duty rates than those in suburban or rural areas.

Property’s Purpose

Stamp duty charges are higher if the property is used for commercial purposes.


If a property has more amenities, it charges a higher stamp duty.

Are Tax Benefits Available on Stamp Duty and Registration Charges?

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