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Stamp Duty and Property/Flat Registration Charges in Pune

What Are the Stamp Duty Rates in Pune?

Present Stamp Duty and Registration Charges in Pune

Stamp Duty as Per Gender in Pune

Here is a list of the latest stamp duty and registration charges in Pune.


Stamp Duty Charges

Registration Charges


7% (Stamp Duty 5%+ Metro Cess 1 %+ Local Body Tax 1%)

For properties below ₹30 Lakh - 1%. For Properties above ₹30 lakh- ₹30000


6% (Stamp Duty 4%+ Metro Cess 1 %+ Local Body Tax 1%)

For properties below ₹30 Lakh - 1%. For Properties above ₹30 lakh- ₹30000

Joint (Male+Female)


For properties below ₹30 Lakh- 1%. For Properties above ₹30 lakh- ₹30000

You can visit the Maharashtra Government website for more information on flat registration charges in Pune.

Stamp Duty as Per Area Type in Pune

Depending on the location of immovable property, the rate of stamp duty varies in Pune -


Stamp Duty (% of the market value)

Within the boundaries of a Gram Panchayat


Within the boundaries of Municipal Corporation/Panchayat/Rural Area under the Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority


Within the boundaries of Municipal Corporation/Cantonment area added to it


Stamp Duty on Different Property Deeds in Pune

Stamp duty varies depending on the type of deed applicable for the plot. As per the Maharashtra Stamp Act, the stamp duty rates are as follows -

Conveyance Deed

Stamp Duty

Power of attorney

Property situated in Municipal Areas- 5% Property situated in Gram Panchayats- 3%

Lease deed


Gift deed


Gift deed for agricultural/residential property, given to family members


In case you want to purchase property in a different city nearby Pune, check the details below -



Stamp Duty for Men

Stamp Duty for Women


6% - 5 % stamp duty and 1% LBT

5% - 4% stamp duty and 1% LBT

The registration fees in other cities are the same as that of Pune.

How to Calculate Registration Charges and Stamp Duty in Pune?


Property owners usually pay a fixed stamp duty rate on the property value. A plot’s current valuation is determined using the ready reckoner rate or circle rate of the area in Pune. Plot value can be calculated by multiplying the plot area with the ready reckoner rate.

In case a plot seller keeps the price less than the rate fixed by the government, the stamp duty will be measured using the ready reckoner rate.

Let’s calculate stamp duty in Pune!

Shyam has bought a flat at Aundh, Pune, having a carpet area of 400 sq. metres. The latest circle rate of Aundh is ₹42700/sq. metre.

Circle Rate

₹42700/sq. metre

Flat Size

400 sq. metres

Total Value

₹(400 x 42700) = ₹17,080,000

Stamp Duty

₹(5÷100×17,080,000) = ₹854,000


Calculating registration fees in Pune is not that difficult. Let’s check!

Here is an example of a property costing above ₹30 lakh -

Property Cost

₹50 lakh

Registration Fees


Conversely, following is an illustration of a property costing less than ₹30 lakh -

Property Cost

₹20 lakh

Registration Fees

1% of ₹20 lakh = ₹20,000

What Are the Steps to Use a Stamp Duty Calculator?

How to Pay Stamp Duty and Registration Fees in Pune?

Points to Consider Before Paying Stamp Duty in Pune

What Are the Factors That Affect Stamp Duty in Pune?


Maharashtra Government levies charges on properties like commercial spaces, residential flats, homes, leasehold land, freehold land, etc. Since there are various kinds of properties, the actual amount of registration fee and stamp duty in Pune relies on certain parameters.



Effect on Stamp Duty Rates in Pune

Property Owner’s Gender

The government has kept lower stamp duty charges for female property buyers. The stamp duty on flat in Pune for women are 5% of the property’s market value. For men, these charges are 6%. However, the registration charges are the same for both women and men property owners.

Location of a Property

The stamp duty varies across locations and it changes depending on the areas of jurisdiction. The stamp duty charges are more for municipal areas when compared to the regions under the Panchayat limits. Additionally, the ready reckoner rates are determined on the basis of a locality.

Value of a Property

Stamp Duty and registration fees are charged as a percentage of the agreement value or Market value of a property. Hence, the greater the property’s agreement or Market value, the more will be the applicable stamp duty and the registration charges.

Ready Reckoner Rates

The property’s seller and buyer needs to pay higher taxes if the transaction occurs lower than the ready reckoner rate.

Are Tax Benefits Available on Stamp Duty and Registration Charges?

FAQs About Stamp Duty and Property Registration Charges in Pune