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Stamp Duty and Property/Flat Registration Charges in Madhya Pradesh

What Are the Registration and Stamp Duty Charges in Madhya Pradesh?

What Are the Current Stamp Duty and Registration Charges in Madhya Pradesh?


Stamp Duty

Registration Charges










Note: The property registration charges in Madhya Pradesh includes panchayat fees and municipal fees that can be applied. Conversely, the stamp duty includes municipal, district stamp duty, upkar stamp duty, and principal stamp duty of 3%, 1%, 0.5%,, and 5%-2% cess, respectively.

What Are the Stamp Duty on Different Documents in Madhya Pradesh?

Document Type

Stamp Duty

Stamp duty on lease deed in Madhya Pradesh

8% of total rent and deposit

Stamp duty on gift deed in Madhya Pradesh to family members)

1% of the market value of a property that must exceed ₹1000

Gift deed in Madhya Pradesh to others

5% of a property’s market value

How to Calculate Registration Charges and Stamp Duty in Madhya Pradesh?


You can calculate your payable stamp duty in Madhya Pradesh based on the ready reckoner rates and property value. To compute the rates, you must consider whichever is the highest among these.

The ready reckoner is a minimum rate which you must pay to buy a property. While the property value is the market value of your property decided and agreed by both parties.

Now, suppose the market value of your property is ₹50,00,000, and the ready reckoner rate is ₹45,00,000. In this case, calculate the charges on the market value. Here is how-

Reckoner Rate

₹5,000 per sq. m

Land Size

1,000 sq.m

Total Value


Stamp Duty

7.5% of ₹50,00,000 = ₹3,75,000

Let’s calculate the registration fees as well-

Property Cost


Registration Fees

3% of ₹60,00,000 = ₹1,50,000

How to Use a Stamp Duty Calculator?

What Are the Factors That Influence Stamp Duty in Madhya Pradesh?


Several factors can influence the Stamp Duty in Madhya Pradesh, such as -


Effect on Stamp Duty Rates in Madhya Pradesh

Usage and Type of a Property

Stamp duty charges vary based on the commercial and residential property. These are typically higher for commercial property than residential or personal ones.

Location of a Property

Stamp duty rates are generally higher in municipal or corporation locations of an urban area

Amenities and Facilities

If your property is well equipped with high tech amenities, the price will be higher. This will lead to higher stamp duty for the property.

Age of a Property Status

Older properties will have a lower stamp duty than newer properties.

Are Tax Benefits Available on Stamp Duty and Registration Charges in Madhya Pradesh?

FAQs About Stamp Duty and Registration Charges in Madhya Pradesh