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Stamp Duty and Property/Flat Registration Charges in Ghaziabad

What Are the Registration and Stamp Duty Charges in Ghaziabad?

Present Registration and Stamp Duty Charges for Properties in Ghaziabad

Follow the table given below to get a clear idea about the stamp duty and registration charges in Ghaziabad.

Ownership Type

Stamp Duty (as a percentage of property cost)

Registration Charges (as a percentage of property cost)





6% (Note: This is only applicable for the property with a value of less than ₹10 lakhs). For property value above ₹10 lakhs, the applicable stamp duty is 7%.)


Joint owners (man + women)



Woman + woman



Man + man



As the stamp duty and registration charges in Ghaziabad are known to individuals, let’s learn about the ways/methods of calculating these charges.


How to Calculate Registration and Stamp Duty Charges in Ghaziabad?

Individuals/property buyers pay registration charges over and above the stamp duty amount. For all types of property, the registration charges are set at 1%. The stamp duty rates are also similar except for female buyers.

Let’s understand the calculation of different payable amounts for stamp duty and registration charges in Ghaziabad depending on the ownership type through two separate examples.

Suppose Mr Singh has bought a property of ₹ 50 lakh. The total amount he has to pay is mentioned in the table.

Property value

₹ 50,00,000

Stamp duty charges

₹ 50,00,000 * 7/100 = ₹ 3,50,000

Registration charges

₹ 50,00,000 * 1/100 = ₹ 50,000

Total Cost

₹ 50,00,000 + ₹ 3,50,000 + ₹ 50,000 = ₹ 54,00,000

On the other hand, Mrs Singh has separately purchased a property worth ₹50 lakh. 

The following table comprises the total amount she has to pay.

Property value


Stamp duty charges

(₹50,00,000 * 7/100) - ₹10,000 = ₹3,40,000

Registration charges

₹50,00,000 * 1/100 = ₹50,000

Total Cost

₹50,00,000 + ₹3,40,000 + ₹50,000 = ₹53,90,000

Apart from calculating the amount of registration and stamp duty charges in Ghaziabad manually, individuals/property owners can opt for an online calculator to eliminate the chances of errors. The following section gives a detailed guide on using a stamp duty calculator. 

How to Use a Stamp Duty Calculator?

How to Pay Registration Charges and Stamp Duty in Ghaziabad?

Points to Consider Before Paying Stamp Duty in Ghaziabad

What Are the Factors That Affect Stamp Duty in Ghaziabad?

Read the table mentioned below to understand the factors that affect stamp duty in Ghaziabad.


Effect on Stamp Duty Rates in Ghaziabad

Age and gender of the Owner

Stamp duty rates in Ghaziabad depend on the age and gender of the property owner.

Age of the Property

The age of the property plays a crucial role in determining the stamp duty charges in Ghaziabad. The State Government set low stamp duty rates for old buildings and high for the new ones. This is because stamp duty is calculated on property value which is less in case of old buildings and high for new ones.

Location of the Property

Location of property is another essential parameter for assessing the stamp duty rate in Ghaziabad. For instance, properties located in a municipal locality come with high stamp duty compared to properties located in Panchayat limits.

Usage of the Property

The stamp duty charges vary depending on the type or usage of property. For instance, commercial property owners have to pay higher stamp duty fees than residential buildings. This is because commercial properties (made for business motive) need additional amenities than residential buildings.

Are Tax Benefits Available on Stamp Duty and Registration Charges?

FAQs Stamp Duty and Property Registration Charges in Ghaziabad