Stamp Duty and Property Registration Charges in Uttar Pradesh

What Are the Stamp Duty Rates in Uttar Pradesh?

Present Stamp Duty and Registration Charges in Uttar Pradesh

The table below explains the land registration charges in detail.



Stamp Duty

Registration Charges




Joint ownership (Male +Female)






Joint ownership (Female +Female)



Joint ownership (Male +Male)



Stamp Duty on Different Property Deeds in Uttar Pradesh


Let’s check the current rate of stamp duty in Uttar Pradesh on additional deeds.


Necessary Documents Required

Stamp Duty





Exchange deed


Lease deed






Gift deed


Adoption deed




Power of attorney


Power of attorney (special)





Apart from the mentioned plot registry charges in UP, individuals should check whether there are any concessions for female house buyers. This will help make significant savings on the complete process.

Similar to other Indian states, the UP Government has set lower stamp duty charges for female house buyers.

However, this provision applies to properties that fall under a specific amount. Ideally, women have to pay 6% as stamp duty charges in UP on properties costing around ₹10 lakhs.

In comparison, men have to pay nearly 7% on a property that costs around ₹10 lakhs.

However, the stamp duty will be similar for both women and men if the property is worth above ₹10 lakhs.

Let’s check the ways to calculate the stamp duty and property registration charges in Uttar Pradesh to understand the concept better.

How to Calculate Registration Charges and Stamp Duty in Uttar Pradesh?


The stamp duty calculation in UP takes place on the percentage of the transactional value.

Hence, if a property costs around ₹80 lakhs, the applicable stamp duty and registration percentage will be levied. This will specify the amount an individual needs to pay.

Let’s take an example to understand the stamp duty and property registry charges in UP.

An individual buys a property in UP that has a carpet area around 500 sq ft. For instance, the circle rate, here, comes to ₹6,000 per sqft.

Carpet area

₹500 sqft

Circle rate

₹6,000 per sqft

Property value as per circle rate

₹500 x ₹6,000= ₹30 lakhs

Hence, the stamp duty of the property will be 7%  of the property value.

Property value as per circle rate

₹30 lakhs

Stamp duty

7% of ₹30 lakhs = ₹2,10,000

Taking the same example we can find out the land registry registration fees in UP.

Property cost

₹30 lakhs

Registration charges

1% of ₹30,00,000= ₹30,000

Let’s compare it with the charges applicable for a female homeowner.

For instance, a property costs around ₹10 lakhs, then the stamp duty and registration charges will be-

Property cost

₹10 lakhs

Stamp duty for female

6% of ₹10,00,000= 60,000

Stamp duty for male

7% of ₹10,00,000= 70,000

Property registration charges in UP for female and male

1% of ₹10,00,000= ₹10,000

Individuals can find out the amount needed to be paid against stamp duty and registration charges by following the calculation method explained in the table.

However, manual calculations can be time straining and filled with errors. In this regard, using a software-based tool such as a stamp duty calculator will be smarter.

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