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Top 6 Benefits of Nitrogen Tyre

What Are the Benefits of Nitrogen Tyre?

Nitrogen Vs Standard Air: Which Is Better For Tyres

Now that individuals know the benefits of nitrogen tyres, one must also know which one would be better for his/her car. Here is a comparison table to help one understand which is better for one's car tyres- Nitrogen or standard air.


Standard Air



Available easily at all tyre retailer shops, fuel stations and tyre dealers.

It might not be available very easily everywhere.

Tyre temperature

Tyre may gain higher temperature than nitrogen-filled ones during heat cycle

Maintains cooler temperature of tyres than standard air tyres during heat cycle

Loss of Tyre pressure

The rate of loss of tyre pressure in standard air tyres is somewhat the same as nitrogen-filled tyres. Thus, it is often insignificant for one to notice the difference.

Due to nitrogen molecules being greater in size than normal air molecules, the tyres retain pressure for a much longer time. The loss of tyre pressure takes place at a very slow rate.

Tyre wear

Since the tyre pressure range in these tyres is unstable and retains a certain amount of moisture, it can cause oxidation which might lead to rusting of tyres. Thus, the tyre wear rate is high.

The tyre wear is minimal and slow due to the absence of moisture in these tyres, and it also maintains a stable pressure.

Tyre maintenance

It is easy to maintain as one can find normal air filling stations everywhere.

It is a bit tricky to maintain because if one cannot locate a nitrogen filling station, one cannot mix it with standard air.


Since the chance of tyre explosion is high, it is not as safe as nitrogen-filled tyres.

It is safer than standard air-filled tyres since explosion chances are low.

Cost of inflation



How Safe Are Nitrogen Filled Tyres?

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