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Child Car Seat: Types, Selection & Installation

What Are the Types of Car Seats for Your Baby?

How to Strap Child Seat Safely for Your Child?

How to Choose the Right Car Seat for Your Child?

Consider Your Child’s Physique

Your child’s age and physique will decide your choice of car seats. The height and weight of your child should determine the choice of a car seat or its adjustments. The following table will be beneficial for you.

Car Seat Type Age Range Weight Range Height Range
Infant car seat 0 - 2 years 30 - 35 lbs Under 50 cm
Convertible rear-facing 0 - 2 years 30 - 35 lbs Under 50 cm
Convertible front-facing 2 - 4 years 60 - 90 lbs 50 - 100 cm
Booster cushion seats 6 - 11 years 80 - 125 lbs 100 - 125 cm

What Are the Things to Remember When Installing a Child Car Seat?

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