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Best Nokia Mobile Phones under ₹10000

Top 10 Nokia Mobile Phones under ₹10000

List of Best Nokia Mobile Phones under ₹10000

The price chart of the following mobiles phones under ₹10000 are:

Name of the Model

Price of the Model

Nokia C30


Nokia 2.2


Nokia C21


Nokia C200 (Upcoming)


Nokia 5.1 Plus (Nokia X5)


Nokia C20 Plus


Nokia 3.1 Plus


Nokia C100 (Upcoming)


Nokia C3


Nokia C01 Plus


Nokia has established itself as a trust-worthy mobile phone brand offering a handful of specifications at a budget-friendly cost. The above list highlights all the smartphone models and their features with the purpose of assisting individuals looking for Nokia mobile phones under ₹10000.

FAQs on Top Nokia Mobile Phones Under ₹10000