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Best Vivo Mobile Phones Above ₹30000 in India

Top 8 Vivo Phones Above ₹30000

Upcoming Vivo Phones Above ₹30000

List of the Top Vivo Phones Above ₹30000

The price list of the top 8 Vivo phones above ₹30000 is as follows.

Name of the Models

Price of the Model

Vivo V25 Pro 5G

₹ 35,999

Vivo V23 Pro

₹ 31,994

Vivo X60

₹ 35,090

Vivo V25

₹ 31,999

Vivo X50

₹ 31,990

Vivo V5 Plus

₹ 30,000

Vivo S16 Pro

₹ 39,190

Vivo V21s

₹ 30,090

Hope you now have an idea on some great options for Vivo phones above ₹30000. This article has also listed some important specifications of all the phone models so that you can select a phone as per your requirements. All these models come with excellent technology to serve you the best.

So consider this guide to select a Vivo model and enjoy its numerous unique features.

FAQs About Vivo Phones Above ₹30000