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Best Vivo Mobile Phones Under ₹15000

Top 8 Vivo Phones under ₹15000 in India

List of Best Vivo Phones Under ₹15000

Name of the Model

Price of the Model

Vivo Y21e


Vivo T1x 4G 128GB


Vivo Y20


Vivo Y22


Vivo T1


Vivo T1 44W


Vivo T1x 4G 6 GB


Vivo U20


This ends our discussion on the top 8 Vivo phones under ₹15000 and its specification. Consider all the bullets to find their different features and the one that will serve your purpose. Moreover, remember they are all the latest models, so they support the recent modern apps.

FAQs About Best Vivo Phones Under ₹15000