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Best Samsung Light Weight Phones in India

Top 9 Samsung Light Weight Mobiles

List of the Best Samsung Light Weight Phones

Name of the Model

Weight of the Model

Samsung Galaxy S10

157 grams

Samsung Galaxy S20

163 grams

Samsung Galaxy S9

163 grams

Samsung Galaxy A30

165 grams

Samsung Galaxy A50s

166 grams

Samsung Galaxy S22

167 grams

Samsung Galaxy Note 10

168 grams

Samsung Galaxy S23 5G

168 grams

Samsung Galaxy S21

169 grams

Disclaimer: The prices provided in the table are valid as of 2nd November 2022 and may be subject to fluctuations.

In conclusion, Samsung offers a vast range of smartphones which are light weight and convenient to use. Moreover, they provide excellent performance, without compromising the build quality and are available in all ranges.

Refer to the above list to know more about the best Samsung light weight phones in India.

FAQs on Best Samsung Light Weight Phones