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Best Vivo Lightweight Smartphones in India in 2024

List of 10 Best Vivo Light Weight Smart Phones in India

Here is a table for users to take a glance at all the top smartphone models and their Weights:

Name of the Model

Weight of the Model

Vivo T2

172 g

Vivo V27

180 g

Vivo V29e

180.5 g

Vivo T2x

184 g

Vivo Y2000e 5G

185.5 g

Vivo V29

186 g

Vivo 28 5G

186 g

Vivo 29 Pro

188 g

Vivo Y2000 5G

190 g

Vivo X100

206 g

Top 10 Vivo Lightweight Mobile Phones in 2024