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Best OnePlus Mobile Phones Under ₹50000 in India

Top 10 OnePlus Mobile Phones under ₹50000

List of Best OnePlus Mobile Phones under ₹50000

Before settling for an option, individuals can go through the price chart of the 10 best OnePlus Phones under ₹50000 in the market.

Name of the Model

Price of the Model

OnePlus 10T


OnePlus Oscar


OnePlus 10T Pro


OnePlus 12T


OnePlus 12R


OnePlus 11E


OnePlus 9


OnePlus 11R


OnePlus 10 RT


OnePlus 9 RT


In conclusion, OnePlus stands out for offering a premium experience to users. The brand focuses on extending excellent specifications, upgraded network compatibility and adequate internal storage. Individuals who are looking for all such specifications can get a OnePlus phone under ₹50000, by referring to the above-mentioned options.

FAQs About Top OnePlus Mobile Phones Under ₹50000