What Is the Difference Between Form 16 and Form 16A?

What Is Form 16?

What Is Form 16A?

Difference Between Form 16 and 16A


Form 16 vs 16A


Form 16

Form 16A

Applies to

This certificate applies to salaried employees who have a taxable income. Also, their tax must have been deducted at the source by the employer.

This certificate applies to self-employed or professionals who have documents related to qualification and degree.

Document Required

Along with this certificate, individuals must submit salary slips, PAN cards, and Aadhaar cards.

Along with this certificate, individuals must submit capital gain statements, PAN cards, and Aadhaar cards.


This certificate contains data related to salary breakup, including bonuses, allowances or other tax savings details declared by individuals to employees. These details benefit salaried individuals in filing an income tax return. Further, this certificate helps in clearing tax credit, visa processing. Also, individuals can use the certificate as income proof.

Individuals can use this certificate to file income tax returns and calculate the total amount of payable tax.

Issued Against

Salaried individuals receive this certificate.

Non-salaried individuals receive this certificate.


Employers issue Form 16.

Financial institutions, tenants, banks, etc., issue Form 16A.

Time Duration

The certificate must be issued by 15th June of the respective financial year. However, the Government extends this due date under certain circumstances.

The due date of Form 16A is the 15th of the month which comes after the due date of quarterly TDS return.


Individuals can complete the verification process of Form 16 on the online portal.

Concerned individuals can carry out the verification process of Form 16A via the online portal.


Now that individuals know what the difference between Form 16 and Form 16A is, they can easily streamline the income tax filing process as per their income slab and category.

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