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10 Best Motorcycle Helmets for Long Rides in India in 2024

List of Best Helmets for Long Rides in India in 2024

Helmet (Brand and Model)

Price of Helmet

Steelbird SB-50 Adonis

Starting ₹800

Vega Crux

Starting ₹1,000

Studds Ninja Elite Super D2 Full Face N4

Starting ₹1,400

Studds Ninja 3G Double Visor

Starting ₹2,000


Starting ₹3,000

Axor Rage RR3

Starting ₹3,200

Steelbird Air AIR 0011

Starting ₹3,600

SMK Stellar Trek

Starting ₹4,600


Starting ₹15,000

Bell MX-9 Adventure

Starting ₹24,000

Note: The prices mentioned here are the lowest among brand websites and marketplaces as of 2024. They include seasonal offers and are subject to change over time.

Helmets are often built to fulfil specific purposes. In other words, only some helmets fit every motorcyclist's occasion. If you are looking to buy the best helmet for long rides, there are specific pointers to factor in before you do so.

Top 10 Helmets for Long Rides in India in 2024

How to Choose the Best Helmet for Long Rides?

Frequently Asked Questions