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Renault Cars vs Nissan Cars - Which One You Should Buy?

Compare Insurance Premium for Renault and Nissan

Renault Brand Overview

Nissan Brand Overview

Market Share of Renault and Nissan

Following is the table that briefly overviews the market share of the two mentioned brands:

Basis Renault Nissan
Market share 2% in FY23 1% as of Feb ‘23
Units sold 78,926 units in FY23 5,832 units sold in June ‘23

  • Renault Market Share: Renault’s net profit for FY2023 stood at Rs. 403.5 Crores, 21% more than the previous year. The brand's growth can be attributed to its popular models like Kiger and Triber.  Renault saw a 45% YoY increase in its automobile shipment from India.
  • Nissan Market Share: With a limited market share, Nissan has faced challenges in the Indian market due to competition, brand perception, and much more. Still, it has strategised its market techniques and is coming up with an expanded portfolio across different segments. It is also stepping its foot in the EV segment for the Indian population.

Compare the Segments and Mileage of Renault & Nissan

Explore more about the segment-wise range and mileages of the models of Renault and Nissan in the table below:

Types of Renault and Nissan Models by Segment

Basis Renault Nissan
Hatchback Kwid -
Compact SUV Kiger Magnite
SUV Triber, Duster 2025 (upcoming), Kardian (upcoming) -
Electric Vehicles (EV) Kwid EV (upcoming) -

Comparison of Renault and Nissan Models by Mileage

Model Type Renault Mileage (Averagely) Nissan Mileage (Averagely)
Hatchback 17-22 kmpl -
Compact SUV 18-21 kmpl 17-20 kmpl
SUV 20-21 kmpl -
Electric Vehicles (EV) 200-220 km/charge -

In 2012, Renault successfully launched the first generation Duster, which was later discontinued in 2022. The company is all set to launch the new version of Duster in the coming years. Over the years, Renault launched many popular models like the Kwid, Triber, and Kiger.

Nissan’s manufacturing facility in Chennai produced Terrano in 2013, which was discontinued by 2019 as it did not gain momentum in the Indian automobile market. To better meet the demands of the Indian population, Nissan designed and launched Magnite in its compact SUV segment, which is now available in multiple variants with its price ranging from Rs. 6 Lakhs to Rs. 11.27 Lakhs.

Safety Features in Renault and Nissan

Some of the critical safety features of Renault and Nissan cars have been stated in the table below:

Renault Nissan
Airbags to minimise the impact of the collision. Vehicle Dynamic Assist enhances vehicle stability and control.
Front Parking Sensors detect obstacles during parking. Hill Hold Assist for inclined areas.
Backup Camera to aid in backing up and reducing rear blindspot. Hydraulic Brake Assist boosts braking power instantly.
The Electronic Stability Program enhances vehicle stability control. Anchor Points for Child Seats for the safety of children.
Tyre Pressure Monitoring System tracks tyre pressure levels. Anti-theft Engine Immobiliser prevents the engine from starting unauthorisedly.
Traction Control for slippery areas. SRS Dual Airbag provides dual airbag protection.

After Sales Service & Support of Renault and Nissan

Following is the list of after-sales services offered by the two mentioned companies:

Renault Nissan
Easy care maintenance program Extended warranty
Renault roadside assistance 24/7 Roadside assistance
Extended warranty program Pre-paid maintenance program
Availability of genuine parts for servicing Doorstep services

Both Renault and Nissan car brands have a modest market presence, with Renault having a wider portfolio range across different segments. You must consider the features of both and choose one among the mentioned brands depending on your preferences and needs.


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