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Kia Cars vs Toyota Cars - Which One You Should Buy?

Compare Insurance Premium for Kia and Toyota

Kia Company Overview

Toyota Company Overview

Market Share of Kia and Toyota

Get a brief overview of the market share of the two brands in the table below:

Basis Kia Toyota
Market Share 6% market share as of Jan 2024 5.9% market share in Jan 2024
Units Sold 23,769 units sold in Jan 2024 23,179 units sold in Jan 2024

  • Toyota Market Share: In January 2024, Toyota gained a decent share of the Indian market. The robust sales growth was evident through the increase of 82.25%, as Toyota sold 23,197 units in January 2024 while 12,728 units were sold in January 2023.
  • Kia Market Share: In Jan 2024, Kia's grand total sales figures leaped, and the Sonet model was the most popular. Kia's share of the market for the month was pretty decent, while Sonet alone commanded above 18% of the market share.

Compare the Segments and Mileage of Kia & Toyota

Know more about the segment-wise range and mileages of the models of these two brands in the tables below:

Types of Kia and Toyota Models by Segment

Basis Kia Toyota
Hatchback - Glanza, Rumion, Vitz, Etios
Sedan - Innova Crysta
Compact SUV Sonet, Seltos Urban Cruiser Hyryder, Camry
SUV - Fortuner, Legender, Land Cruiser
MUV Carens -
Electric Vehicles (EV) EV6 Urban Cruiser Hyryder, bZ4X

Comparison of Toyota and Kia Models by Mileage

Model Type Kia Mileage (Averagely) Toyota Mileage (Averagely)
Hatchback - 20-23 kmpl
Sedan - 8-15 kmpl
Compact SUV 18-24 kmpl 17-18 kmpl
SUV   11 kmpl
MUV 16-21 kmpl -
Electric Vehicles (EV) 425-528 km/charge 350-460 km/charge

Toyota has hatchback models like the Glanza, which meet the need for affordable and fuel-efficient vehicles. On the SUV line, we have the compact Urban Cruiser Hyryder, Fortuner, Legender, and Camry. The brand also offers higher-end cars, such as the Land Cruiser 300. In the EV segment, the bZ4X is one of the most popular choices in India.

The Sonet and Seltos are from Kia’s compact SUV lineup and range from budget-friendly to performance. As a new brand, Kia provides main models with innovative electric cars such as EV6 to explore the nature of sustainable transportation. As per segments, Kia wants top-class warranty coverage, design appeal, and a better value proposition against rivals.

Safety Features in Kia and Toyota

The critical safety features of Kia and Toyota cars are stated in the table below:

Toyota Kia
The Lane Departure Alert is triggered when the vehicle deviates from its lane. Lane Following Assist ensures that the car stays in the centre of the lane.
The Pre-Collision System with Pedestrian Detection operates to detect an imminent collision around. Comprehensive Airbag System: Front, side, and roof airbags prevent passengers from colliding with other objects.
Lane Keeping Assistance is aimed at the possibility of off-track driving by maintaining the car in its lane. The Tyre Pressure Monitoring System shows the current air pressure in the tyres.
Lane Sign Assist shows undigitised road sign information, for example, speed limits. Driver Attention Warning is for detecting drowsiness and alerting the driver.
The Lane Departure Alert is triggered when the vehicle deviates from its lane. Highway Driving Assist combines adaptive cruise control and steering to ensure driver’s safety.
Adaptive Automatic High-Beam Function changes between high and low beams according to the presence of other vehicles' lights. Rear Cross Traffic Collision Warning informs when a sideline vehicle is approaching when reversing.

After Sales Service & Support of Kia and Toyota

The various after-sales services offered by these two companies are mentioned in the table below:

Kia Toyota
The Kia Assist offers emergency roadside service, whereas the home assistance will cover vehicle transportation from the nearest dealership. LOYAL-T: Get points by purchasing new vehicles or renewing/buying insurance that can be used for e-services vouchers.
My Convenience function allows vehicle maintenance tailored to your preferences and service monitoring in real-time. Prepaid servicing is valid at any of the 94 authorised Toyota service centres.
The free Kia Connect feature subscription is valid for vehicles that are less than 3 years old for new car owners. Warranty: 100,000 km or 3 years, with a 12-month/20,000 km battery warranty.

Kia and Toyota rank among the industry giants with their dazzling safety features, reliability, and teeming market appeal. Despite Toyota having been known for its reliability and high sales for a long time, Kia has very recently been getting a lot of praise for its design attractiveness and stable market share. So, choose the brand that suits your needs and preferences based on the above features and specifications.


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