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Honda Cars vs Volkswagen Cars - Which One You Should Buy?

Compare Insurance Premium for Honda and Volkswagen

Honda Company Overview

Volkswagen Company Overview

Market Share of Honda and Volkswagen

Following is the table that briefly overviews the market share of the two mentioned brands:

Basis Honda Volkswagen
Market share 2.2% market share in 2023 Around 12.4% market share in Jan 2024
Units sold Domestic sales of 8,681 units in January, 2024 Domestic sales of 3,267 units in January, 2024

  • Honda Market Share: As one of India's leading automobile manufacturers, Honda registered an 11% growth in January 2024. Its market presence is gaining momentum with the success of models like Honda City and Amaze. The brand exported 4,531 units in Jan '24 compared to 1,434 in Jan’23, showcasing the demand boost due to its vehicles' durability and fuel efficiency upgrades.
  • Volkswagen Market Share: Volkswagen Group aims to double its current market share to 3% by 2026-27. For this, it has introduced the “India 2.0” strategy, which aims to grow the brand significantly with larger investments and more curated innovative strategies. Gujarat is the most important market for Volkswagen India, with 10-11% of total sales coming from the state alone.

Compare the Segments and Mileage of Honda & Volkswagen

Explore more about the segment-wise range and mileages of the two brands in the table below:

Types of Honda and Volkswagen Models by Segment

Basis Honda Volkswagen
Sedan Amaze, City Vitrus, Vitrus Sound, Vitrus GT Edge
Compact SUV Elevate Taigun, Tiguan
EV City Hybrid -

Comparison of Honda and Volkswagen Models by Mileage

Model Type Honda Mileage (Averagely) Volkswagen Mileage (Averagely)
Sedan 18-27 kmpl 18-20 kmpl
Compact SUV 15-17 kmpl 13-20 kmpl
EV 800-1000 km/charge -

Honda is a renowned brand that ensures stellar reliability and excellent fuel efficiency. For the first 15 years of its establishment in India, it manufactured only petrol-operable cars, but in 2013, Honda launched the diesel version of Amaze. Honda has a variety of models, with Elevate and City being the popular ones.

Volkswagen offers popular models in India, such as Virtus, Taigun, and Tiguan. The cheapest of these Volkswagen models is Virtus, with a starting price of ₹11.55 lakhs, and the most expensive one is Tiguan, worth ₹35.16 lakhs. The brand group has begun its work on the Electric Vehicle project codenamed  “PEAK EV,” which is expected to roll over by 2026.

Safety Features in Honda and Volkswagen

Some of the critical safety features of Honda and Volkswagen cars have been stated in the table below:

Honda Volkswagen
Adaptive Cruise Control for desired speed and following vehicle interval ahead in cruise mode. Adaptive Cruise Control to maintain a safe distance from the car ahead.
Collision Mitigation Braking System (CMBS) to reduce the impact of frontal collisions. Automatic Post-Collision Braking System for control over collisions.
Forward Collision Warning System to avoid collisions with vehicles ahead. Intelligent Crash Response System to unlock doors, disable fuel pump, etc., in case of an accident.
Road Departure Mitigation System to identify lane markers. Park Distance Control for safe and easy parking.
Lane-Keeping Assist System keeps the car centered in the lane detected. Tire Pressure Monitoring System to protect the tires.
Advanced front airbags to minimise injuries during a collision. Anti-Lock Braking System prevents wheels from locking during breaks.
Traffic sign recognition system to detect traffic signs like speed limits. Child door lock and central locking system.

After Sales Service & Support of Honda and Volkswagen

Following is the list of after-sales services offered by the two mentioned companies:

Honda Volkswagen
Anytime warranty program 24/7 roadside assistance
Extended warranty One price assurance
Value added services 4EVER care- four-year/100,000 Km warranty with 3 free services and 4 years of roadside assistance
Roadside assistance Service value package

Both Honda and Volkswagen are foreign companies with a remarkable and competing presence in India. They have unique features that attract different groups of customers. Thus, you must make a preference depending on your choices.


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