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4-Wheel Drive (4WD) vs All-Wheel Drive (AWD)

What Is 4WD?

What Is AWD?

What Are the Differences Between AWD & 4WD?

A detailed difference between 4-wheel Drive and all-wheel Drive is provided below in a tabular form –





It refers to 4 Wheel Drive vehicle

It refers to the All-Wheel Drive Vehicle.


The driver controls it

It works automatically


Compared to AWD, this is less safe as the action must be done manually during emergencies.

This is safer as the system automatically sends torque to the wheel as per the requirement.

Gearing Options

It has both high and low gearing options.

It has only the high option.

Weather Conditions

It is favourable for grave climatic conditions, including snow and ice.

It works effectively on slippery surfaces and also in harsh weather conditions.

Off-Road Efficiency

It is preferable for driving in outlandish areas and regular off-road excursions.

Best suited for occasional off-road excursions.


4WD is much heavier, and it also takes up more space.

Comparatively, it is lighter and consumes less space.

Do You Need AWD or 4WD?

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