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CVT vs AMT vs Manual Car - Which One Should You Choose?

What Are the Differences between CVT, Automatic and Manual Cars?

It is essential to check the differences between AT, CVT and manual transmission systems and compare the advantages and disadvantages to conclude which one suits your driving requirement.

The comparison between automatic, manual and CVT equipped cars are illustrated through the table mentioned below -

Points of Differences: Manual



Number of Gears : Five to six gears and a single reverse gear.

Six to eight gears.

Multiple gear ratios along with one gear in CVT cars.

Price : Prices starts from ₹2.64 lakh.

Prices starts from ₹5.19 lakh

Prices starts from ₹7.78 lakh

Maintenance or Servicing Cost: Minimum Costs is ₹5,000 and may vary with each model.

The minimum cost to rebuild that system is ₹30,000.

The minimum maintenance cost is ₹40,000.

Driving Comfort: Requires practice and effort to shift gears.

No requirement to shift gears, hence easier to drive.

Due to variable transmission, driving CVT cars is easier.

Mileage : Provides optimum mileage returns upto 19.01 km/l.

Provides mileage returns of 17.99 km/l.

It provides more mileage than automatic cars but less than manual cars.

Acceleration: Not suitable to drive in traffic-infested roads.

Automatic cars are easy to manoeuvre in traffic.

Ease of shifting gears makes them Suitable for urban traffic.

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