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Petrol Vs Diesel Car in India

What Is Petrol Car and Diesel Car?

Difference Between Diesel and Petrol Cars

Follow the table mentioned below to get the answer to your question of ‘which car is best -petrol or diesel’.





Diesel cars provide increased mileage. A diesel engine does not require a spark plug hence has a higher compression. This enables diesel-powered vehicles to utilise fuel to the maximum level

Petrol cars offer less mileage.


Cars powered by a diesel engine have a longer stroke (requires more compression to burn), allowing it to rev less and put a high amount of torque for an engine of similar size.

Cars powered by a petrol engine have a shorter stroke which lets it to rev more and places more power.

Car Price

Diesel variants are a bit expensive.

Petrol variants are less expensive. The showroom price between diesel and petrol variants ranges from ₹1- ₹1.5 lakh. The difference in case of on-road price also increases as the registration cost of a diesel car is higher than a petrol car. In general, there is a 1%-3% difference. This depends on the vehicle cost and the state from where the vehicle is purchased.

Cost of Fuel

The rates vary from one state to another. The diesel rate is ₹85.01 per litre (as of 12th November 2021).

The petrol rate is ₹100.58 per litre (as of 12th November 2021).

Resale Value

Price for resale is high.

Resale price is low.

Car Insurance

As the cost of diesel cars is high, insurance costs automatically go on a higher side. The difference can range from 10%-15%.

The amount of car insurance is less in case of petrol cars as the car price is lesser than diesel cars.


Diesel cars produce less carbon dioxide and more pollutant particles, hence causing more harm to the environment

Petrol cars generate more carbon dioxide but lesser pollutant particles hence causing less harm to the environment.


Diesel variants produce excessive noises.

Diesel variants produce less noise.

If you are wondering ‘which is better between petrol and diesel car?’, the table mentioned above can help you decide the best variant. Furthermore, let’s see different conditions of selecting a fuel engine/type over another and vice versa.

When Is a Diesel Car Preferable to a Petrol Car?

When Is a Petrol Car Preferable to a Diesel Car?

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