Best Bike/Scooter under 80000 in India

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Top 15 Bikes/Scooters in India under 80000

A two-wheeler is a necessity for many individuals across the country. While not as expensive as cars, these vehicles perform the same functionality, serving as means of daily commute. While a section of Indian customers consists of passionate riders, looking to derive the best performance from their bikes or scooters regardless of the cost, a majority of Indian two-wheeler purchasers need to adhere to a strict budget.

If that budget happens to be Rs.80,000, we have chalked out the perfect list of such two-wheelers for your consideration. The following article contains a comprehensive list of the best bikes under Rs.80000 in 2020 in India.

Keep in mind that this list contains both bikes and scooters under this price category. Moreover, the prices mentioned here are the Ex-showroom price (Delhi) and not the on-road price.

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