Top Selling Bikes in India

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All about the Best Selling Bikes in India

India’s two-wheeler sector is, perhaps, one of the only areas that have accounted for growth despite the country’s general economic slowdown over the past two years. Since 2016, motorcycle sales in the country have skyrocketed with over 22.4 million units sold in 2018. (1)

Currently, there are about 10 two-wheeler manufacturers in India, namely – Bajaj, Hero, Honda, Royal Enfield, Kinetic, Indus, TVS, Suzuki, Piaggio and Yamaha. Even with each of these companies rolling out new vehicle models each year, when it comes to top-selling bikes in India, trends tend to point towards a few of the old popular ones retaining their positions.

In 2019, Hero and Honda models once again ruled the charts for most selling bikes in India, with TVS and Bajaj models making the occasional appearance. Following is the list of the top-selling bike models in the country, as of January 2020, to help you gauge the popularity of these two-wheelers among Indian consumers.

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