Best Electric Bike/Scooter in India

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Best Electric Bikes/Scooters in India 2020

Thirteen of the top 20 most polluted cities from across the world are in India - this alone is an alarming fact for city dwellers, with emissions from vehicles being the primary reason behind the increased air pollution.

In 2017, one in eight deaths in India stemmed from the worsening air quality in India. What's scarier is that over three-quarters of India's population is exposed to unhealthy levels of air quality. Although the government is gearing up to bring down the pollution levels, it is up to each individual to adapt to a better mode of transportation.

One of the easiest ways to care for your environment is to switch to electric scooters. Gone are the days when the roaring four-cylinder inline engines steal all the attention on the streets. The time has come when high-tech electric bikes have now become the head-turners. Indeed, it will take time to replace the term mileage with "Range", but there is a gradual shift in the mind of the youngsters to move towards a more sustainable mode of transport.

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