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Why you Should Consider Buying a Long Term Health Insurance?

Features of Long-term health insurance

Reduced Risk of Policy Lapse

Given the forgetful nature of the human species, the first and foremost benefit is this! A policy lapse not just ceases the health cover but also gets us into other hassles like resetting the waiting period. With Long Term Insurance plans, the frequency of premium payments is reduced which further reduces the chances of missing out on premium payments.

Premium Discount

Another significant advantage of buying a long-term plan is the discounted premium that the company offers. Most of the time, the premium paid for a long-term policy is much lesser than the total premium paid on a yearly basis for a short-term policy.

Less Paperwork

Paperwork for once, and you are done for 2-3 years. Less frequency of renewals means lesser paperwork as compared to renewing your health insurance every year.

Safe from Market rate changes

As with most financial products, the price and terms of the health insurance policy may keep changing as per the changes in the market and regulations. When you buy a long-term policy, the terms and conditions become fixed for the selected tenure. And the premium? Well! You’ve already paid it after completing the evaluation.

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