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Is Coronavirus (COVID-19) covered in Digit Top-up Health Insurance?

  • Yes, Digit Top-up Health Insurance covers hospitalization charges due to positively being tested for Coronavirus (COVID-19). This is covered despite it being a pandemic.

What is Top-up Health Insurance?

A top-up health insurance plan is like an extension of a health insurance you can use when you’ve already used the maximum claim amount in your existing health insurance or, are largely okay to pay from your pocket but need a health insurer to cover for you when things get pricier. For example, say you have a group health insurance policy from your employer, that covers you for up to Rs 3 lakhs.

However, if you feel it’s not adequate given the rise in medical costs, you can use a top-up health insurance to cover for the amount beyond 3 lakhs, as per your customized policy terms and conditions.

Think of it like how you may stock up on some extra sweets when your guests are over so if the ones you’ve made already are over, you still have more to offer! 

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Why should you get a Top-up Health Insurance?

Increasing Healthcare Expenses

Increasing Healthcare Expenses

According to Money Control, health costs in India rise at double the inflation rate! This means, healthcare costs are only bound to rise year on year. That’s why, even though you may be insured with your company’s health insurance policy or a standard health insurance policy, having a top-up health insurance gives you an additional cover too, to ensure you’ll never fall short!

Higher Sum Insured

Higher Sum Insured

One of the objectives of a top-up health insurance is to get coverage over and above your existing health insurance policy. For example, even if your existing policy covers you up to Rs 5 lakhs, your top-up can help you get an extra coverage of 5 to 10 lakhs, giving you a total coverage of up to 20 lakhs when the need arises.

Greater coverage is needed for parents and seniors

Greater coverage is needed for parents and seniors

Healthcare costs for seniors are typically higher due to growing health complications and higher risks involved. So, even if you do have your parents covered in your corporate health insurance, they may still need more extensive coverage which can essentially be covered with a good top-up plan.

Savior for the rainy day!

Savior for the rainy day!

If there’s anything 2020 and the COVID-19 has taught us so far, it is that everything is essentially uncertain! A top-up health insurance policy is a cost-effective option to ensure you have enough coverage in times of need!

Low Cost

Low Cost

Unlike your standard health insurance premium, the cost for top-up health insurance policies are comparatively lesser hence giving you coverage when needed, at a lower cost.

Get covered by two different health insurers!

Get covered by two different health insurers!

One of the best things about a top-up health insurance is that you can opt for a hybrid approach and have two different health insurers covering for your standard health insurance and a top-up health insurance respectively.

Lack of benefits in existing plan

Lack of benefits in existing plan

Many people are now covered with corporate medical plans from their employer. However, this may not be enough not only because of the limited sum insured but also because it only comes with limited benefits. For example, many corporate plans probably won’t cover for maternity, and critical illnesses while your top-up plan will.

Additional Tax Saving

Additional Tax Saving

Just like any other health insurance policy, a top-up health insurance too comes with tax saving benefits of up to Rs 25,000 to Rs 75,000!

What’s great about a Top-up Health Insurance by Digit?

  • Covers pandemics: We understand that the COVID-19 has brought in a lot of uncertainty into our lives. Apart from other illnesses, the COVID-19 is covered too, despite it being a pandemic.
  • Digit offers a Super Top-up plan:  A super-top up health insurance will cover for costs even when more than one claim during the year put together goes beyond the deductible.
  • Customize your top up policy as per healthcare needs:  You can choose from 1, 2, 3, and 5 lakhs deductibles and choose between Rs 10 lakhs and 20 lakhs as your Sum Insured.
  • No room rent restriction: Everyone has different preferences and we understand that. That’s why, we have no room rent restrictions!  Choose any hospital room you prefer. 
  • Get treated at any Hospital: Choose from 5900+ of our network hospitals in India for cashless claims or you may even opt for a reimbursement.
  • Easy online processes: From the process of buying a top-up health insurance to making your claim is paperless, easy, quick and hassle-free! No hard copies, even for claims!
  • No Age-Based Copayment: Our top-up health insurance comes with no age-based copayment. This means, once you or your primary health insurer has already covered for the deductible, you need not pay anything anymore during claims! 

What’s covered in Digit’s Top-up Health Insurance?



All Hospitalization

This covers for hospitalization expenses due to an Illness, Accident or even a Critical Illness. It can be used to cover for multiple hospitalizations, as long as the total expenses are up to your sum insured, after your deductible limit has been crossed.


A Copayment refers to the amount of money you need to pay from your pocket, during claiming your top up health insurance claim. In this plan, there is no copayment involved.

No age-based copayment- Digit Special

Day Care Procedures

Health insurance covers medical expenses only for hospitalizations exceeding 24 hours. Day care procedures refer to medical treatments undertaken in a hospital, requiring less than 24 hours due to technological advancement.

Pre-Existing/Specific Illness Waiting Period

This is the amount of time you need to wait for, until you can make a claim for a pre-existing or specific illness.

4 years/2 years

Room Rent Capping

Different categories of rooms have different rents. Just like how hotel rooms have tariffs. With Digit, some plans give you the benefit of having no room rent cap, as long as it is below your Sum Insured.

No room rent capping - Digit Special

ICU Room Rent

ICU (Intensive Care Units) are meant for serious patients. The level of care is higher in ICUs, which is why the rent is higher too. Digit does not put any limit to the rent as long as it is below the your Sum Insured.

No Limit

Road Ambulance Charges

Ambulance services are one of the most essential medical services as they don't only help transport an ill person to the hospital but also, include basic facilities required in medical emergencies. The cost of the same is covered under this top-up policy.

Complimentary Annual Health Checkup

Annual health checkups are important to ensure you are aware of your overall health and well-being. This is a renewal benefit that allows you to reimburse your expenses towards any annual medical tests and checkups, at any hospital of your choice.

Pre/Post Hospitalization

This covers for all expenses before and after hospitalization such as for diagnosis, tests and recovery.

Post Hospitalization Lumpsum - Digit Special

This is a benefit you can use to cover all your medical expenses post hospitalization, at the time of discharge. No bills required. You can choose to either use this benefit or use the standard post hospitalization benefit, through the process of reimbursement.

Psychiatric Illness Cover

If due to a trauma, one has to be hospitalized for a psychiatric treatment, it will be covered under this benefit. However, OPD consultations are not covered under this.

Bariatric Surgery

This coverage is for those facing organ issues due to their obesity (BMI > 35). However, in case the obesity is due to eating disorders, hormones or any other treatable conditions, this surgery cost will not be covered.

What’s not Covered?

You can’t make a claim until you’ve exhausted your deductible

You can only make a claim in your top-up health insurance once you’ve already exhausted your existing health insurance policy claim amount or, have already spent up to the said deductible from your pocket. 

Pre-Existing Diseases

In case of a pre-existing disease, unless the waiting period is over, the claim for that disease or illness cannot be made.

Hospitalization without Doctor’s Recommendation

Any condition you get hospitalized for, that doesn’t match with the doctor’s prescription is not covered.

Pre-Natal & Post-Natal Expenses

Pre-natal and post-natal medical expenses, unless it leads to hospitalization.

How to file a Claim?

  • Reimbursement Claims - Let us know in case of a hospitalization within two days of admission at 1800-258-4242 or email us at and we'll send you a link where you can upload your hospital bills and all relevant documents to process the reimbursement. 
  • Cashless Claims - Choose the network hospital. You can find the complete list of network hospitals here. Display e-health card to the hospital helpdesk and ask for the cashless request form. If all is good, your claim will be processed then and there.
  • If you have claimed for Coronavirus, make sure you have a positive test report from an authorized centre of ICMR – National Institute of Virology, Pune.

Key Benefits of Top-up Health Insurance by Digit


No Age Based Copayment

Cashless Hospitals

5900+ Cashless Hospitals All Over India

Room Rent Capping

No Room Rent Capping. Choose any room you like.

Claim Process

Digital Friendly, No Hard Copies Required!

Who should buy a Top-up health insurance?

If you have an existing but, limited group medical cover

A top up health insurance could be a great option for you if you're working and are already covered under your employer’s group medical insurance but, with limited coverage. On an average, corporate plans only cover for a low sum insured of up to 3 lakhs,and come with limited benefits. This way, a top-up health insurance can be a great fit for you by providing you higher coverage when needed, without having to pay a high health insurance premium. 

Makes a good fit for seniors and parents

Most people include their parents as dependents in their corporate health insurance plans, or even have separate primary health insurance plans for their parents. However, given how high premiums can be for seniors, you can instead go for a top up plan whilst also covering them in your corporate plan to ensure they have adequate coverage and healthcare benefits.

People with no health insurance cover at all

If you’re someone who hasn’t yet made the decision to buy a health insurance yet, you can opt to go for a hybrid approach by taking both a standard health insurance plan and a top up plan so you’ll have extensive coverage at a cost effective premium. 

People with standard health insurance policies only

If you already have a primary health insurer but with limited benefits and limited sum insured then going for a top-plan is a wise decision to cover for your healthcare needs.

Suitable for those prone to illnesses

If you’re someone who has a family history of diabetes or any other diseases or are generally someone who is prone to illnesses, then getting a coverage over and above your standard health insurance policy is recommended owing to your high level of risk when it comes to illnesses.

FAQs about Top-up Health Insurance