COVID Insurance for Film & Television Production Houses

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COVID-19 Group Insurance for Bollywood Film & Television Production Houses

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Group Medical Insurance

A group medical insurance is a customized health insurance for all those who work as part of your organization. From production houses, agencies, cinema halls to retail stores, Digit’s group medical insurance is suited for all types of businesses, as long as the minimum number of people you want to insure are more than 10 people. This group medical insurance will cover your employees from all illnesses and diseases, including hospitalization and medical expenses arising due to the COVID-19.

Group COVID Insurance

Our group covid insurance is a customized health insurance that solely covers hospitalization expenses for the treatment of the COVID-19. Given that now most businesses are on-ground and running, this group cover insures those working in your organization are at least financially covered in case they or their families are affected by the coronavirus.

Why choose Digit Insurance?

  • Zero-touch insurance: Digital is part of our name and when it comes to technology, we’re game! That’s why- all our processes right from buying an insurance to making claims can be done seamlessly online. 
  • Covers the COVID-19 pandemic: The pandemic has left the world on a standstill and this is perhaps one of those times people need something like an insurance the most. That’s why, despite the COVID-19 being a pandemic, we do cover it! 
  • One point of contact: When you buy a group insurance, people often worry they need to deal with intermediaries. However, with Digit’s group policies, you will only have one point of contact and that too just with us! 
  • Cashless claims: The last thing one should worry about when they’re in need is cash! For all group medical insurance and covid insurance claims, we offer cashless claims at 5900 of our network hospitals! 
  • Simple processes for the new-age digital world: The world is complicated enough. That’s why, we believe in simplicity! So, everything from our products to processes are designed with just that in mind! 

Why bollywood film/television production houses should go for a group health insurance?

Who should buy this group insurance cover?

Film Production Houses & Studios

Although many corporates still continue to work from home, remote working doesn’t quite apply to those involved in the film business. Post the nationwide and statewide lockdowns, all production houses are now back to work on ground to make magic happen again, but this time with a lot of precaution and protection. After all, health today is quite literally wealth! This is where an insurance can help in the case of any risks and unforeseen circumstances! 

Production Crew

Making a film involves many people apart from the director, producer and actors; such as the production crew working behind the scene. Whether your production crew is a third-party production or an in-house crew for the specific film, this insurance will help protect them in case they’re affected by any illness, including the coronavirus. 

Television Production Companies & Studios

Along with films back in action, soap operas and television series too are back on ground, coming together to fulfil the country’s entertainment needs! This insurance can also help protect people involved on sets and those involved in the business of television production. 

Online Content Creators

Digital content creation has grown significantly in the last few years and we understand that it goes beyond the work of just a handful few. Digital content films today too involve many people behind the scenes, right from writers to the person behind the camera. This insurance covers digital and online content companies and studios as well.

Who else can buy this group health insurance?

Cinema Halls

Cinema halls are set to reopen soon and given the level of risk in places with large number of people, the least one can do is protect their employees from possible risks through an insurance that will take care of them! 

Retail Stores

Perhaps e-commerce isn’t for everyone. We’ve all seen our neighborhood shops, malls and other retail shops now reopen with all precautions in place. One such precaution could also include a group health insurance or a group covid cover so people working in these stores are protected for in case they fall ill or are affected by the covid-19. 

Other Businesses

These insurance policies can be customized to suit any type of organization, and number of people. This includes but is not limited to offices, small businesses, boutiques, mobile stores, etc.

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