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Difference between Android Auto vs Apple CarPlay

Android Auto vs Apple CarPlay: Key Differences

1. Interface: Slick UI Design vs. Customization

Android Auto

Apple CarPlay

Customisable layout

Non-customizable layout

Multiple apps are displayed using split screen

Siri, navigation, and music are displayed on a single screen

Allows dark and light modes

This also allows dark and light modes

2. Apps and Navigation: The Navigation is Better in Android Auto

Android Auto

Apple CarPlay

Has Google Maps as the default navigation app

Has Apple Maps as the default navigation app

Easier to access the map options

The route and map options are a bit difficult to comprehend

Has a wide spectrum of third-party apps

Supports only some of the third-party apps

Works with only one Apple app (Apple Music)

Works with multiple Google Maps such as Google Music, Google Podcast, etc.

Both platforms give us no reason to choose between them as both offer the same functionality and nowadays, most vehicles support Android Auto and Apple Carplay. They also offer several exciting features, such as hands-free calling and texting, navigation, various entertainment apps, and a well-designed interface. The only factor to remember while choosing one is your phone and the platform it supports.

3. Voice Assistant: Google Voice Assistant Has More Features than Siri

Android Auto

Apple CarPlay

Has Google Assistant

Has Siri as the voice assistant

Takes voice commands for basic tasks

Also takes voice commands for basic tasks

Hands-free calls and texts

Hands-free calls and texts as well

Wider spectrum for third-party apps

Better natural language processor than Apple CarPlay

FAQs about Android Auto vs Apple CarPlay