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Standalone Vs Integrated Car Navigation Systems: Pros & Cons

What Is a Navigation System?

What Is a Standalone Car Navigation System?

What Is an Integrated Car Navigation System?

What Are the Differences Between Standalone and Integrated Car Navigation Systems?


Integrated Car Navigation System

Standalone Car Navigation System


No additional hardware is required to buy or install because it is controlled through the head unit display.

It might require extra wiring for installation.


The battery never runs out as it is always plugged in.

Standalone systems need a power source to operate.


No mounting or wires clogs up the car’s interior, giving it a tidy appearance.

Re-installation might get challenging as numerous wiring is necessary.

Cost Involved

Hardware upgrades and replacements might be expensive and challenging to install.

Typically inexpensive in this regard than an integrated navigation system.


It cannot be transported outdoors or transferred quickly to another car or user.

You can easily transport it from one car to another.

Differences Between Standalone and Integrated Car Navigation Systems (Section Wise)

What Are the Pros and Cons of Standalone & Integrated Car Navigation Systems?

FAQs About Standalone vs Integrated Car Navigation Systems