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What is ORVM in Cars & How is it Different from IRVM?

What is an ORVM in Cars?

What are the Different Types of ORVM in Cars?

What are the Benefits of ORVM in Car?

What is the Difference Between Inside Rear View Mirror (IRVM) vs Outside Rear View Mirror (ORVM) in Cars

While both ORVM (Outside Rear View Mirror) and IRVM (Inside Rear View Mirror) are essential components for a driver’s situational awareness, they serve different uses.





Located on the outside of the vehicle, usually on the front doors on each side.

Mounted inside the car, in the centre above the dashboard.


Provides a better view of the road behind and sides of the car.

Offers a rear view of the car’s interior to keep a check on the passengers.


Usually adjusted manually or electrically.

Adjusted manually for a better and clearer mirror angle view of the car’s interior.

How to Adjust the ORVM in Cars?

FAQs about ORVM in Cars