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Difference Between Power Steering & Electric Steering

What Is Hydraulic Power Steering?

What Is Electric Steering?

Difference Between Power Steering and Electric Steering

The difference between power and the electric steering are as follows:


Hydraulic Power Steering

Electric Steering


More complicated

Less complicated

Hydraulic fluid requirement

Operates on hydraulic fluids

Do not require fluids to operate

Electric motor requirement

They do not require an electric motor for their operation

Electric motors play a key role in operating them


They weigh more

They weigh less


Less costly

More costly

Maintenance cost

Maintenance cost is high.

Maintenance cost is low.


More prone to faults and hence do not last for a longer time.

Less prone to faults and hence more durable.

Response to varying speeds

Response to varying speeds is not that good.

Response better at varying speeds.

Effect on fuel mileage

Can reduce fuel mileage of the engine.

Does not affect the fuel mileage of the engine.


Consists of a hydraulic piston, return lines, hydraulic control valve, rack housing, and pinion gear.

Consists of a pinion shaft, rack-and-piston housing, steering torque sensor, ball-screw mechanism, drive belt, electric motor, and steering rack.

Road feedback

They have more road feedback.

They have less road feedback.


This steering type can be adjusted manually.

This steering type is adjusted digitally.

Repairing frequency

They have a lot of components and hence can require repairing more times.

They do not have so many components and hence repairing frequency is less.

Damage to the steering system

If they get damaged, the car can still move but with a lot of effort.

If they get damaged, the steering will not move at all.

Now that you know the exact points related to hydraulic power steering vs electric steering, you can easily choose the car with the steering system that suits you the best. However, you must service your vehicle's system at appropriate time intervals to ensure greater performance.

FAQs About Hydraulic Power Steering vs Electric steering