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What are Fog Lights and How Do You Use Them?

What are Fog Lights?

What are Fog Lights Used For?

How to Turn On Fog Lights?

When to Use Fog Lights?

What is the Difference Between Driving Lights and Fog Lights?

Criteria Driving Lights Fog Lights
Purpose Provide long-range visibility at high speeds, enhancing overall visibility on well-lit roads. Improve visibility in dense fog, rain, or other visibility conditions, reducing glare and scattering in adverse weather.
Mounting Higher on the vehicle. Lower on the front bumper.
Fog Reflection Prone to causing glare in foggy conditions. Designed to minimise glare in foggy conditions.
Beam Pattern Narrow and focused beam, often with a longer throw. Wide, flat beam focused on the road immediately in front of the vehicle.
Beam Cut-off The sharp cut-off prevents glare. Soft cut-off from reducing reflected light.
Visibility Conditions Ideal for clear, open roads and highways, not optimised for low visibility scenarios. Designed for low visibility conditions, providing better illumination in adverse weather.
Light Output Higher intensity, covering a longer distance. Lower intensity focused on immediate visibility.
Switching Usage High beam for open roads, low beam for traffic. A dedicated button for low-visibility conditions like fog.

What are the Tips for Driving in Fog?

FAQs on Fog Lights